Am I doing this Right?

I'm new to this whole Blog-ing thing so we will see how it goes. I'm guessing it's a lot like facebook or myspace it shouldn't be to hard. I think i a good place to start would be to tell you a little about myself an go from there as i get use to this. I'm Larissa Kasumi Ivory but as my friends call me, Larissa, rissa, rissa roo, riss, La Riss, Shampoo, Suds, and my new ones, Cosmo, and Wall-E. I am 18 years old and a sophomore at CEU (well going to be a sophomore) I work at a Dr. office and i love it. i work there full time till i start back into school. Next spring i will have my Assoicates Degree in Science and then go up to USU where i will major in physical education with on emphisis on education and a minor in nutrition but that is all bound to change ( the major and minor that is.) About my family i have an older brother who will be home from The Cleveland Ohio Mission in one week. He is awesome and i look up to him in so many ways.
I also have two younger sisters Kacyila (14) and Karina (11). Kacyila is almost a minnie me and she reminds me of myself sometimes which is scary. Karina keeps us going and is always making things interesting. I have a dog, Abby, she is an old dog but cute and we like to laugh at her.
I love my parents. My mom and dad are Karl and Cindy Ivory. they are always there for me keeping me going in the right direction. They always give me insight, i may not always listen to them (but what kid does)but i know they know what is right for me and they have my best interest in mind. Other family that really isn't blood is Megan "Toyoko" Sherman. (she doesn't have a middle name so i gave her one.)She my best friend and i tell her everything so watch out. She has been my Bus buddy for many trips (volleyball and Baseball) she was my study buddy in high school. (ok so we didn't always study because when you get two girls together it is hard to stay focuesd.) she was my lunch buddy. We have became even closer sence she moved. She is now engaged to an awesome man who is really lucky.
My new Best Friend Mike Terry. we have only been dating for about a Month and a Half, but it has been a great month and a half. he is an awesome guy and i am really lucky to have him in my life. at times i wonder how he can put up with me and my weirdness. i have many others in my life but right now it is almost mid-night and i have work at 8:00 so i better get to bed. thank you for reading my first blog i hope i didn't bore you to much.


Jamie and Tom said...

Yay for larissa having a blog! and what in the world!! Megan Sherman is engaged!? Wah! Anyways this is super cute! I enjoy it :)

dancin' momma said...

I'm so glad you've joined the blogging world! i'm excited to keep updated!