Happy JULY!

July has been an eventful month and so much fun. I started out with an enjoyable family camping trip on the 4Th. we had fun just chilling in nature and fishing.
I wasn't able to fish cause i don't have my fishing license so i took pictures. Karina (well my dad) and kacyila caught a fish. we did the catch and release thing but the fish kacylia caught wasn't lucky enough to be released. he swallowed the hook and died.This is Karina Playing with the worms. she is so funny she didn't want to touch the fish but she would touch the worm. ha ha good ol karina.

After Camping I went to the Zoo with Mike and little miss Daisy (mikes Niece.) It was so much fun i hadn't been to the zoo for 9 years so it was time to go see all the cute little animals. Here are a few pictures that we took at the zoo. Daisy wasn't to happy with the big Gorilla. Mike Said she was shaking when he went to put her one the Gorillas Shoulder. Even being close to it she wasn't happy. It was so funny we saw the Rhino. Mike said "Daisy look how big is nose is." In response Daisy said "He's stupid." It was the most random, funny thing i have ever heard from a 2 year old.
Daisy wanted to go in the "Round and Round" so we let her go. So was a little scared at first so i told her that her animal was nice and that she need to hold on because it was going to go up and down. (I'm to short for her to hold on to when it goes up). She loved it and every time we passed Mike she would stick out her tongue and wave to him. She wasn't to happy when i took her off but yet what kid isn't happy when they have to get off a ride. while we were taking her home she asked if we could go to the zoo like we hadn't been yet. She fell asleep and we had a nice drive back to Provo.
Monday we went to FHE and had a blast like always. We had dinner, played games around the camp fire and had S-mores. It was really fun. Oh and who can forget about watermelon faces.

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