Getting ready for FALL!

Fall has got to be my favorite season. The weather is perfect, the colors are amazing & so many fun things to do with the Family.
August was great. I turned 23, Mike Started school & Titus has been playing outside everyday (no joke we are outside for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night.)
Mike has started a Work Study job at a Engineering Lab. He is done with a few big projects namely his Doctoral Project. He has just been called as the Ward Clerk, so that will take us some of his time on Sundays.  
I have been watching a few kids every Monday Wednesday & Friday. I am going on 32 weeks! (5-8 weeks left!) She is doing great and growing. she likes to move which is awesome. The name we have picked out so far is Brynn Toyoko.
Titus is growing up way to fast! he helps clean the house, eats so much more then he use to & is learning so many new things everyday. Ty LOVES to talk. I have to translate what he says but he is a talker. My favorite saying he has is "I got it" or "I did it." He also likes to say "Hi Ya Mommy" from the top of the play ground. He is very active, He plays basketball, Football, soccer, baseball & enjoys running. He climbs like a champ & likes to help me make dinner. He knows where his sister is & has a lot of love for everyone. He likes to watch Football, Volleyball, Toy Story, Cars and Super Why. Its hard to believe that he is almost 2. He looks like he is 1 but acts like he is 2, he is just so little. i'm kind of bias but if our little girl looks and acts anything like her brother we are in trouble and will have to keep her away from the boys for a long time. 
Here are some fun pictures...

 When we first moved Titus to a big boy bed we randomly found him sleeping on his floor. but all his toys where still put away.
 Titus Hanging out with Grandma Ivory, Kambri & Karina after a family BBQ
 Titus trying to sneak the toy away from Kambri
 Dancing.. don't look at the mess.

 Isn't he cute!?!
 Checking out the birds at the Tracy Aviary

 He thought he was pretty cook when he was in the birds house.
 Titus & Mike with the Hawks

 Getting out of the Sun and looking at the birds inside.

 He always sleeps with his hands under his head... the Shirtless part is all dad.

 Brigham City Open house.

 Waiting for the Color Run to start.
 Watching the Runners come in

 where is Mike & Russell?
 "right there" as titus would say.
 Kenna & Kelly
 Our attempt to getting a good picture of them throwing the Color.. it didn't work.
 Crazy Kenna
 Kind of...
 better.. the wind carried it away to fast.
 We give up... (larissa is tired of taking pictures)
We Did it... 

More pictures to come about titus (they are all on my phone.)


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Amanda and Chase England said...

Such great pictures! That color race looks like so much fun. You have such a darling family:)