Things Titus can say. and some other thoughts

This is mainly for me so i don't forget things. 
For those of you who don't know Titus LOVES to talk, and has a pretty impressive vocabulary for a 20 month old. I am always amazed at how much he does talk for a boy and how much i can understand. So while he is playing the "Mac, Queens truck" (Mac McQueens Truck)  I thought I would post a few of his little says and words.

"Mommy, What Doin?"
"Snack" (fruit Snacks)
"Pumtin" (Pumpkin)
"Hi ya Mommy"
"Watch this" Usually just before he jumps off something
"I Got it"
"I Did it"
"Daddy, Throw, Mommy" translation: Daddy Throw the ball to Mommy.
Bampa (Grandpa)
Mamma (Grandma)
Nena (Kenna)
AaaRina (Karina)
CC (Kacylia)
hoot (Soap)
Bambi (Kambri & Brandi)
Rownen (Rowen)
Russ (Russell)
Mel-nie (Melanie)
Ryn (Ryan)
Banket (Blanket)
Have it (means give it to me)
Hi mommy
Away (Throw away)
Yeah huh
Make Cake (
Nigh Night.
All right

His little voice makes them sound so much better then typing them.

Some funny things about Titus:
He likes to blow his nose
Titus likes to watch Full House, Toy Story, Cars & the Sprout Channel.
He jumps off his  bed at least twenty times a day.
When its time for dinner or if he wants to eat he climbs into his high chair.
He Can throw a football pretty well and can sometimes catch it.
He has started to get attached to his "Banket" and knows his bed time routine. (Story, Bath, teeth, show, Pray Cuddle mommy sleep)


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