Random Ramblings!

After reading my Cousins blog today i was inspired to do "Random Ramblings" to let you all know that we (mostly Titus) are still alive.
-Titus has started to really jabber the last couple of weeks. I love it. He will sit by our front window and just jabber. And every now and then you can hear real words coming out of his little mouth. (Side Story: We were playing in Titus' room the other night before bed [Tickling & Chasing Titus]  and it sounded like Ty playfully said "Stop it" it was to funny Mike & I Just looked at each other and started to laugh) He says Juice, Cracker, Cheese,Baby, Book, Ball, Dada, Mama, Papap (Grandpa), Out & Titus. (he has said Gogurt once)
-I have started to notice other signs Titus uses to communicate. Aside from please, Thank you, Milk, More & Kisses here are his signs: Moving Arm up and down: If he is in his high chair, swing or your arms it means down, If he is on the ground it means up (mostly 2 arms reaching) or Bath. He also signs eat (he taught himself that.) {FYI teaching Titus how to sign was the best thing we did. Communication is so much easier and less frustrating.}
-This week we moved Titus' Toys to his room and Our house (Kitchen & Living room) is SO MUCH cleaner! I love it. i can close his door and not worry about everyone seeing the mess. We have a bedtime clean up now so in the morning he can tear it all out again.
- We have found a few new dinner items that are in the rotation now. #1Wingers Sticky Fingers: (So good! Mike has asked for them every night since we had them. We keep the sauce & Chicken Strips on hand for a quick lunch or dinner & mike likes to put the sauce on everything.) #2 Chicken Ceaser Salad: I usually don't like salad for dinner but since we (Mike) is on a health food kick i have been trying healthier things. Last night (and today for Lunch) we had Salad and i must say i have been missing out! So easy and so good. (Romain Lettuce, Ceaser Salad dressing (Vinaigrette) Chicken (or Pork) Parmesan cheese & Croutons! SO GOOD.
- I have never been so excited for Spring! Life is so much more fun with a toddler.. our apartment is just to small for us to have all that fun. (If that makes sense) Titus is a Ball of energy, he moves all the time and climbs on anything and everything, So being inside all day is hard. With Spring coming that means Warmer weather & more time in the sun for picnics and playing outside! walks/runs, craft projects!


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Courtney and Brandi Ivory said...

I love the Winger's Sticky Fingers. Its probably a different recipie but I love them still. I also love Buffalo Chicken Tacos. So good.