Spring break... Easter... Titus...

 Over Spring Break we went to Price and hung out. Before we left we made a trip down to the Swell/the Wedge. It was Titus & Mikes first time so we showed them as much as we could in a day.
 Titus with Grandpa at the "Little Grand Canyon."
 Titus, Grandpa Ivory, Karina, Kenna, Mike & Me at the Little Grand Canyon. (Grandma Ivory was taking pictures.)

 Freezing while looking at the Pictographs
Mom & Titus at the swinging bridge.
 Climbing on the Swinging bridge.

 Even Titus Climbed on the Bridge.

 Climbing the Cool Tree by where we had our Picnic.

 Then We Climbed across the other bridge.

 Titus hung out on the river with Grandpa.
 We found the Dinosaur print.

 Titus is climbing on EVERYTHING!

 We thought he was eating his dinner but.. we found out that it was all on is diaper. Silly kid.. Lucky for us it was Bath Night.
 Easter Picnic with the Ivorys

 Finding his Basket. 
 With My sisters.
Proof Mike was there..
 Blowing Bubbles.
 Tyson (my Cousin) Flying his Kite.
 Grandma & Grandpa Ivory gave Titus a basketball hoop for Easter. He loved it and played for 30 mins before bed time.
Mike put Titus to sleep the other night and he wanted to sleep with his ball... I think we have a basketball player on our hands. 
Titus Playing Basketball.


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Robyn said...

Titus is such a cute little guy! It's fun to see what your little family is up to!