So i have really been slacking with the blogging thing. sorry about that. My new years Resolution is to do better.
It's kind of crazy that it is almost time for New Years Resolutions again. But first we need to Party Through Christmas.

To catch you all up on what has been going on here are some pictures. We are going to start off with some pictures from the beginning of December (Sorry. Thanksgiving is on the hard drive that is buried in our room..)
 Temple square Carriage ride with the Terry's
 Banana Em & Kenna
 Mikes parents.
 Titus waving at the camera
 Trying to smile even though his cheeks are frozen.
 CHEESE. showing off his awesome H&M Christmas Sweater & our tree.
 We have a cheeser on our hands.

 Family Picture by the tree.
 He was not a fan of Santa.
 He will usually sit for a little while with "weird" people but i guess this was to much.
 Our Lovely Tree all lit up. we had fun tree hunting at Smiths this year.

TITUS Is 10 Months old Already!

 Silly Kid.. he loves his plugs.
 (i can see a lot of my dad [grandpa ivory] in this picture.)
 Some fun quick facts about Titus:
* if you tell him to smile he plus a funny face (pictured above) he will also pucker up his lips and scrunch his nose if you show him the face.
*He has been walking for about 2 months now. we can't get this kid to stop moving. even when he sleeps he is moving.
*He says Dada a lot and only says Mama if he is really mad.
*He will say baba referring to either a book or ball. depends on what is in his hand.
*Titus is really good at bringing us things. We can tell him to get us a ball or book and he will bring it to us.
 Don't you just love that Smile. 
* Titus has 6 teeth now. 4 on top and 2 on bottom.
* He loves to eat he rarely turns down any kind of food. & he loves any kind of food. Crackers , Cookies, Yogurt melts, Puffers, anything dad or mom is eating. or if Grandma or Grandpa are around the gets what ever he wants to eat.
* He can Sign More and will say his prayers. He loves to wave good bye or Hello. 
*Has started to climb on things..
*He LOVES to dance and shake his head.
*Titus really likes to go out side and play on the play ground and can go down the slide by himself.
 *He is a people person. he loves attention. to get your attention he turns his head all cute like.
* He is a HUGE flirt. Girls watch out this kid is a heart breaker. Auntie Nikki even likes to play with him and she doesn't like babies/kids.
*He has TONZ of friends on the playground that are always so willing to help him out and bring him toys. They even protect him from rude/crazy kid.
*If He "bonks" his head he hits himself on the head and smiles. (i don't know if he is just crazy or thinks he is funny but it's pretty cute) 
*He likes to blow kisses...

 We just love this kid and are so Greatful that he is our little man! he hardly ever cries and is so easy going. So well mannered, and can go forever with out showing signs of tiredness or hunger.

all done.


Amanda and Chase England said...

I agree, Titus IS a cutie-pie! What can I say, I am so biased towards little boys:)

DAVIS said...

He is so stinkin cute! I still can't believe how early he started WALKING!