October... i need to blog more then once a month.

It's hard to keep up with blogging when i'm trying to keep up with Tito man.. this kid is always going.
He is now walking everywhere. Saying dada, baba & making all kinds of other crazy noises. He has 4 teeth. and is making us smile everyday with his sweet personality.
For conference weekend we spent the weekend in Park City with Mike's family. we got away and rode the left up it was so pretty...
 Titus loved going from room to room and playing with every one..
 Here he is at 8 months..
 Showing off his smiles.
 I made a lot of this yummy Zucchini Cake... so much better then carrot cake
 I made this pillow for our couch..

 hanging out at Karina's volleyball game with Kenna.
 Chillin with Harley they are about 2 weeks apart...
 Daisey Ty me Mike and Frank.

 Our awesome pumpkins Mike did Mickey and a did a goofy smile.
 Titus drove us to Kambri's Birthday party... 
he really didn't but he loved chillin in the front seat for a little while.
 Love that face.
 Playing with his favorite toy.. a ball.
 Me and my sister.. Kacylia
 Kam Bam enjoying some cake.
 Ty wasn't to sure about the cake.

 He loves books
 and the computer..

 He doesn't like to sit still during pictures..
 But he listens really well.. i told him to come here and he did.
 here he is at 9 months.

 We had visitors in our softball field the other night... there were about 20 deer but no Bucks.

 Mike and Kenna got pretty close..

 Mike Played football for halloween... *titus was a farmer

 as soon as i put titus down he went for the football.. not his dad's kid at all

 Not the best picture but you can see his "fangs"

 Shaking his head no... i don't know if he is just dancing or i must say no alot.

 He does this weird thing when he gets excited or mad.. he just tightens up and shakes.. 

Oh i love this kid..

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DAVIS said...

He is so cute! I can't believe he is already walking!! :-)