Back to School..

Mike is done with this first week of school. I have been working in the mornings before Mike heads off to school that way we don't need to get a baby sitter for the Tito Man. Titus is almost 7 months old can you believe it? I can't he is so stinking smart it amazes me what he learns & how fast he picks things up. a few facts about Titus:
  • He loves to move around: He has been crawling for about a month now ( I've been really bad at blogging). Our living room is a mess with DVD's, blocks and unused diapers. he loves to tear into things.
  • Titus loves to eat: i feel like i am constantly feeding him. a few foods he likes are Squash, Peaches, apples, carrots, Bananas, Mum-Mum's, & anythings put peas.
  • He loves his dad: Mike & Titus always have so much fun & i love listening to them laugh and giggle. 
  • Titus likes to watch TV: thank goodness for this. If he hears one of "his" shows come on he just sits and watches for a good five mins, then plays then watches some more. 
  • He has 2 teeth: Both on the bottom & they are so cute
  • Titus almost says dada: He mouths it, it is the funniest thing (if i new how to add video i would totally show it off)
  • He loves to play outside: he loves to watch the other kids play & likes to try to play with them. he loves to watch people and play in the grass.
Mike has been going to school and working hard to get things ready for the semester. I have been Trying to get our house organized again so that i can craft and be less angry. I have also been working again but looking for a baby sitting job so that i can be with Titus more & not have to listen to so many complaints.

here are some pictures to catch you up on everything else ( starting from the 24th of July)
 Baby tooth number 1 coming in...
 First starting to crawl...isn't he handsome!
 Izzy Moo holding Ty.
 They are buddies... just you wait Izzy next time you see this little guy he will be running around with ya.
 JT Boy and Baby Titus...The boy loved helping me with Titus.
 I had a little Photo Shoot with Titus... This is my favorite picture.
 Our awesome Garden... Mike & I had a green Thumb this Summer. Thanks Mom & Dad Terry for letting us take over your garden plot!
 Ty's Fist Sparkler
 Titus at the Helper pool with dad. He really did enjoy it.
 My Handsome boys
 Favorite 24th of July picture
 My Dad's Secretary made this outfit & Blanket for Titus. 
 Such a handsome dude..
 Learning to pull himself up... He can now get out of his bumbu all by himself. Crazy kid.
 Coming to get the camera.

 Titus was helping me with Laundry and ended up with a shirt on his head. he played with it on for about 5 mins.
It's hard to see but this is the Terry Fire pit that mike put together this summer. S'mores every night....

 Here he is at 6 months.. i need to take is 7 month pictures now... that is how far behind i am...
 He sits taller then Tigger now..
 Watching TV with dad.
Chillin...eating a mum-mum... These things are awesome & can keep Titus entertained for a good 10 min.
Bed time... He loves to watch tv before he goes to bed. Nina & Start on the goodnight show are awesome.
We took out his old hats to see how they fit...this one is a little to small...
but hopefully this one will fit during Flag Football Season.
He loves to play outside.

This one is up side down or turned wrong but this is how he likes to watch tv...
our DVD's are never in order any more..
Loving Grandma Great...
Pick-a-boo with dad... he was even giggling.
Just smiles
I know random picture... but we made pop can chicken...
He liked this hat too.. hopefully it fits later.

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Today Will Never Come Again said...

What a cute little smile! Looks like you have your hands full with this little man. :)