our summer in Price

We have been living in Price for the summer while mike does his internship at the Castle View Hospital. Titus and i have been hanging out with Aunts & Grandparents like crazy while Mike has been working. We have done a few crafts, took a bunch of Naps, & done loads and loads of laundry.

 Our awesome Garden. i need to update this picture because now it is HUGE. we have peas & Carrots, Squash, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Egg Plant, Pumpkins, Watermelon, Raspberries, Blackberries, Rhubarb, & Strawberries. 
 Ty Likes to play with the grass while we work in the garden.

 Ty Loves his aunt Kacylia
His 5 month picture with Tigger

 Fourth of July

 He was really hungry when the fireworks Finally started so we left early.

 We did our own fireworks after he had a full tummy.

 On our way to Lamb Days

This Summer Mike & I have "raced" in a few races this summer (i just did them to accomplish something not to really one). In the Middle of June we did a triathlon, and neither one of us came in last. Mike's bike broke & i passed him but then he passed me in the swim. I didn't in less then 2 hours that was my goal so i guess i was successful. Last Weekend for Lamb Days we did the 5k, of all the years that i have been to Lamb Days this is the first time i have done the Fun Run. Titus joined in the fun by chillin with grandma & Grandpa while we ran.


T-Fam said...

haha he has gotten so big since we say him. I love the first picture of him with his one eyebrow up. So cute.

DAVIS said...

A Triathlon? Seriously? you guys are die hards!!! I can't beleive how big your baby is getting! He is so so cute!!