Just to say Happy Father's Day....

I have 3 awesome dads that i would like to say Happy Fathers day to.
The first one is for Mikes dad. Kelly ( he doesn't read blogs so i'm sure he wont know about this.) is an awesome dad and Grandpa. we can always count on him to keep the house nice and cool, Take us to ALOT of movies while we are in price. We always need to be sure to have enough ketchup when ever we have hamburgers cause he basically drinks the nasty stuff. His DVR is full of weird shows and we never have to rent a movie cause he has them all. for real. Thanks for being an awesome dad to mike, A great father in law to me, and a crazy freaky grandpa to Titus. ( even if he just stares you down)
Dad number 2 is my dad. I am a daddy's girl. i can remember listening to Garth Brooks, Clint Black & Journey all the time in the car with him. He always tells illustrated stories and comes up with the weirdest nick names. He helped teach me how to drive a stick shift in the big red truck & taught me how to shoot a gun like a pro. Thanks for being there for my volleyball games, my plays, my concerts, my dream wedding, helping us move, being there when ty was born, & for being a great dad. Love you from your favorite son in law Mike, your Favorite oldest daughter Larissa, & your favorite Grandson Tito Man.
The third dad is Mike. This is his first fathers day, i hope it has been a great one for him. He is the best dad anyone could ever ask for. He makes Titus Laugh, he calms him down, they are so cute together. He works so hard when he is going to school/internships and still has time to hang out with us and do daddy things. He is always thinking of Titus first, if ty isn't happy Mike tries everything he can to help him be happy. He is so smart... when he isn't hanging out with us he is studying & he can remember like everything. He is one of the smartest people in his class. he is always singing, i love this about him, titus loves music & loves it when his dad sings to him. there are so many things that i love about mike & Titus Loves him just as much. In fact when  mike gets home from work Titus is all smiles. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of mike & titus. They are so cute together. 

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Brandon and Annie said...

those are some fun pictures of Titus and his grandpas and Mike. I like your blog, it's so cute!