Picture OVER LOAD!!!

 These go clear back to EASTER... i know, I should blog more..
Daisy & JT checking out their eggs

 Coloring the eggs
 Awesome eggs

 Go Fanky Go
 Izzy moo finding more eggs
 Mr. Harley & Titus having a tummy time battle.. i think Ty won.
 Mike with the babies.
 The Monkeys feeding Cherry Dog. 
 This is Titus @ 3 months... he is now 4 months...
 "Looking so cool with my Pants on my head."
 All Smiles!
 This is what Titus does when dad watches him.. watches the screen while music plays

 one of my mothers day gifts.. mike painted my nails.
 Titus & Kenna helping Mama Terry with her phone
 Chilling in the high chair at Grandma Ivory's
 First taste of "real" food.

 The After math...
 He likes to feed himself now.. so nice...
 he was tired of tummy time..
 Fly away ty!
 Memorial day weekend we went to Idaho. This is mikes Great Grandmas grave.
 He holds on to his plug when he sleeps.

We are now living in Price for the summer. Mike is doing his internship at the hospital and i'm hanging out with titus.  I have more pictures but they haven't been put on my computer yet.

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