Happy 2nd Anniversary!!

Two Years ago today I married my Best Friend... Poor Guy is stuck with me for ALL ETERNITY!
so this is to Mikey {even though we wont read it till after his internship tomorrow, the day after our anniversary}
You are the best husband a girl could ever ask for. As you lay sleeping next to me i can't help but think how Lucky i am to have you as my best friend, my husband, the father to my child, my example, my teacher ... the list goes on and on. I love everything about you even the crazy things like the way you click your trout when it's sore, your crazy voices & your stinky-ness after a hard work out. I love how you study super hard & still make time for Titus & me. I love that you know everything about me... my favorite color, the fact that i love a clean house, that i love to clean, that i prefer candy over flowers... I love that i fit just right when we cuddle & that you love to cuddle {even though sometimes i don't want to cuddle} I'm not a fan of you hogging the bed BUT i love that i can wake up next to you every morning. It amazes me how you know so much about so much, & that you can come up with new and different sounds & songs all the time... I LOVE IT when you play with Titus. He loves to play with you & is so happy when you come home from school/work. {i don't know who loves it more me or him... me because then i get a break for a little while & i get to see you play with Titus. & Titus loves it cause then he doesn't have to deal with me any more.}
You make me a better person & you make me who i am. my life would not be complete with out you in it. Thanks for the BEST TWO YEARS OF MY LIFE so far... i look forward to many more great, wonderful, amazing, exciting...I look forward to being done with school, moving on to our next adventure, our many other children. & the life what is in front of us!
Thanks for putting up with me while i was pregnant, while i am learning to be a mother, & when i am just crazy & over reacting to what ever is going on.
Thanks for being so patient with me through all that we have gone through.
& Thanks for being the MOST AMAZING MAN! Titus has the best dad & example i could ever ask for. He is going to be a great guy just like his dad. i love to brag about you to my friend & family. I love to hear your grandma talk so highly of you. I love that my parents look to your for help with health & computers.
I love you so much!
Love your LADY
Lil' rissa

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