Happy Mother's Day!!!

Hello everyone!  This isn't Larissa, this is her husband Mike.  I just wanted to get on here and surprise Larissa with a little note of appreciation..... but she stole my computer and saw this so it's not so much of a surprise, but I'll still leave a little note.  Larissa is the greatest mother!  She always puts other before herself, especially Titus.  When I get frustrated because Titus won't go to sleep, she nicely takes him from me and some how magically puts him to bed.  Some how she survives getting up with Titus in the night (because I never would), and she still can keep together during the day and even sometimes makes me delicious treats while I'm gone at school (she really makes them for her blog, I just like to believe they are for me!) She is so loving and kind, I'm so lucky to have her as a Wife and as a Mother to our kids.  I know our kids will grow up to be good people because they have such an awesome mother.  Well, everyone knows I've never been a man of many words, so I'll finish this thing up.  Just wanted to let Riss know how much I love her and that I think she is a great Mom!  Love you Riss!

These are my favorite picture of Titus and Larissa.  Titus and I love her so much!  Thanks for everything Riss!

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Kikal said...

Larissa is the eternal optimist, she is such a great mother. You done good Mike! Love you both!