April where did you go?

Wow April went fast. This month started off a little rough for Mikes Family. His Grandpa Meyer passed away after a brief battle  lymphoma. He returned to his Heavenly Father one day Shy of his 83rd birthday. From the few years that i had the chance to get to know him he taught me hard work and how have a good time. He showed dedication in everything he did & love to everyone he meet. We love you Grandpa Meyer!

We were able to have Titus meet Grandpa. (this was one of his rough weeks)

On a better happier note: All of Mikes brothers & sisters where able to be together at the funeral. 
(all of mikes mom's side of the family Minus one)

we took Titus Swimming for his first time...
 But he didn't last long. I think the water was a little to cold for him.
 We kept him in long enough to get pictures...
 He looked so cute in his  suite.. of course it was a size 6 months & his swimming diaper was huge on him. But he had fun & looked super cute.

Despite what it may look like. Titus is starting to enjoy his tummy time. He can hold his head up & likes it when we help him roll over. He likes to "scoot" around on his blanket.
 He likes to help me work out.  We go for walks/jogs around the village. He plays air plane while i do crunches. He is also heavy enough to be used as a weight & likes to go from side to side. He is a trainer in training.
 Kisses from daddy...
 love that face.
 Kisses from mommy.
 This little man LOVES to cuddle. which is  ALRIGHT with me and his daddy.
 Our first good  family picture together.
 This is baby Harley "Charlie" Brown. he is two weeks younger than Ty & is about 5 lbs bigger then him. they became best buds right away. hooking arms laughing & smiling at each other.
 Izzy moo Love baby Titus. while in Idaho she wanted Grandma Terry to help her hold him. Titus looks so amused.
 He likes to eat his toys. his hands... i guess you could say he has started to put everything in his mouth.. my hand, my hair, his plug (well he takes his plug out.)

 He was getting tired of me taking pictures so he stuck his hand in the way.

 He Loves to chill with his Aunt Rina.
  We got to be there when my sister was getting ready for her senior Prom. Titus couldn't pass up the chance to get a picture with his Lovely aunt CC.
Grandma Terry Made this cute quilt for Titus. it was late when we took this picture & he was tired.

I'll leave you with this little smile. (doesn't it just make your day)


T-Fam said...

Sorry I ment was missing from that picture. haha.

T-Fam said...

Oh he is getting so big. I can't believe how much he is changing. I can't wait to see him in a few months. I can't believe how much bigger Harley is than him. By the way thanks for noticing that I wasn't missing from that picture. :) Give Titus kisses for me.