2 month Appointment

Titus had his 2 month appointment today.
He is now 
22.28 inches long (18.69%)
10 lb 15.8 oz (25.97%)
& Head Circumference 38.8 cm (18.59%)
He got two shoots (they were out of one of them) and took one vaccine orally. He was a champ, When they gave him the shoots i stuck his "pluggy" in & he was fine. the Dr. said that he is doing great! he test his strength and said that Titus holds his head up like a 4 month old. (what a stud.)

-Titus can hold his head up.
- He Smiles like crazy.
-He loves it when we help him stand up
- Titus Loves his bath time.
-He loves to cuddle/snuggle.
- He can sleep through the night (when he wants to)
-Titus sleeps in his own room (most of the time)
-He likes to watch TV.
- He loves all the crazy sounds his dad makes.
-Titus likes to go outside and soak up the sun.
-He LOVES to be held.

Pictures to come.

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