My Opionion on being pregnant

Here i am at work trying to pass the time... so i thought i would share my Thoughts on being pregnant ...
1) At the Beginning of the pregnancy, my headaches where the worst thing ever!
2) Not being able to Eat all the Tuna I want. I LOVE (almost as much as Mike & Ty) Tuna Fish over Rice With Soy Sauce.. and now i can't eat it as much as i would like... in fact i haven't had any Tuna for about 2 months now...How sad is that..
3) The Back Pain. My Lower back has started to hurt a lot in the past few days. Last night while Mike was using me as he test Dummy for his Test he noticed that my lower back is Swollen. On top of being pregnant we have a VERY low couch that i use to love .... now it kills my back..
4) Gaining weight. Yeah it should only be about 20-30 lbs, but when your little like me... that is a lot to carry around. It's going to be killer to work it all off once Ty gets here..
5) not a fan of the bigger chest...
6) Not a fan of not being able to do as much as i use to... Like working out, i miss being able to RUN and Lift more than a do now. Even when it comes to cleaning the house i have to rest between doing dishes and cleaning the living room, I use to be able to clean the whole house with out taking a break. now i have to rest and regain energy to clean more than one room. Mike has to tell me when I'm doing to much.

1) Seeing my belly grow. I didn't think i would like the Pregnant belly but now that it is starting to show i kind of like it. I like to rest my hands on it. 
2) I love feeling him move. He moves a lot during the day now and it is so much fun to watch my belly move as he moves around. The best is when Mike gets to feel him kick and then looks at me all excited.
3) I love having Mike talk to my Belly. He is so cute, Since i don't really pay attention when he talks about sports he talks to Titus about his teams. 
4) I love all the cute clothes that i get to start buying for Titus. 
5) I am excited for all the Fun Projects i will be making for him soon! I can't wait to get his room put together. 6) I am enjoying the fast growing hair and nails. and the "glow" that i have now. 
7) i love that my Pants still fit... hopefully it stays that way because i don't want to wear maturity pants.
8) I love being a WIC! 4 1/2 gallons of milk each month (we give 1 gallon to mikes brother because we really get 5 1/2 gallons)  and $10 for Fruits and Veggies! also the cereal.
9) Medicaid... i must be weird but i like that all my health care is free. It wasn't to much of a pain to get on Medicaid after all the horror stories i heard. 


T-Fam said...

Haha I feel for you. I hate to break it to you though but you will probably not be able to wear your pants the whole time. At least if you are like me. I hated having the button pushing into my stomach. And you will love your belly until you get stretch marks. But I guess it is all worth it in the end if you get a baby that is as adorable as Baby L. I can't wait to see Titus.

Today Will Never Come Again said...

I'm with Amie. I hated the thought of maternity pants, but now they save me! And you really can't tell anyways. Have fun with your projects. . . I have absolutely loved that part of being pregnant!

Bonnie Gutzman said...

I actually have a couple of maternity pants that I think are cute enough :) Good thing too, because I'm still in them 4 weeks postpartum!! Enjoy the kicking-I miss that feeling