22 weeks... here comes the belly!

The Last 2 weeks i have really POPPED out.
 It's not the best picture and I think i do my Hair the same way every week for church...I love watching the Little guy move around in my Belly. I love feeling him move and I LOVE that i can eat almost anything now. My clothes are starting to get tight but my pants are still fitting nicely.  I have more energy for cooking, cleaning and Hanging out with my husband.  I'm not a big fan of the back pains or leg cramps at night but it will all be worth it. My Next Dr. appointment is Oct. 5th.

Since i have had more energy i Made this YUMMY Pumpkin Roll for 
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 Along with getting my Baby Bump i have started my new job at the Maintenance office. It gets me out of the house and it keeps me busy during the day.  Mike is working hard in school and enjoying his second semester. He is playing Flag Football with his fellow Physical Therapists. He is keeping busy with studying and helping with baby stuff. He likes talking to little Titus (who for on the blog he will be refereed to as Ty.) about how cool his mom is and how bad the cowboys are doing right now.  Just so everyone knows how amazing my husband is... Mike made dinner the other night and it was AMAZING! i came home from work and he had STIR FRY ready to eat! i love Stir Fry and his was BETTER than Rumbi Grill! I LOVE MIKEY!

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The Evans said...

you look super cute and so tiny! :)