This is Mike again.  I guess I'll just have to take over blogging for now since Larissa seems to be slacking(still).  We went down to Salt Lake a few weekends ago and went to Tucanos thanks to Amie.  She had a buy one meal get a 2nd free coupon that had to be used by the end of February, and they weren't able to make it down because Lydia came that weekend.  She offered it to us and we had to take it.  After Tucano's we went to the Jazz vs Rockets game thanks to my good friend Skyler King.  He hooked us up with some tickets.  Here are some pics that we took.
This is where we sat during the game.

I had to run down to the bottom to get a picture of some of the guys.

These ones were taken from our seats thanks to the sweet zoom on our camera. 
Oh, and Skyler gave us a sweet hat with the tickets.  Here's both of us wearing it.

And one more thing.... the weekend before Mckenna was hanging out with us because my parents were celebrating their anniversary.  We told her about the Hardware Ranch and she begged us to go because she loves animals.  So, here are some pics of that.  I'll spare you the pictures of the elk, since i already posted a bunch of those with the last post.



DAVIS said...

Looks like you guys have been having lots of fun! I am glad you are blogging Mike! :-)

The Alger's said...

Mike! The funny thing is we were at the Jazz/Rockets game and I am pretty sure that Skyler has tickets right in front of ours. I can't believe we didn't see you! It was a pretty sweet game.