For the first part of Spring Break Mike and I went home to Price. It was nice to be home after a month of being away.
Friday: Girls Night
My sisters, my mom, and I Hung out while Mike went and worked out at his parents.
We watched a super cute movie called "The Lake House"

Saturday: Moab Track Meet
My sister Kacylia is on the High school track team and had a meet in Moab.
Mike and I both did track in high school so we thought we would check it out. 
The weather was confused on what it should do... it was sunny and warm but at times Cloudy and cold.
Just before we left it started to rain and by the time we got to Price it was snowing
My sister did great!! She ran the 100 and 300 Hurdles, 4x100 and 4x400.
She took 7th in the 300 hurdles, 3rd in the 4x1 and 4x4. 
over all Carbon took 3rd (boys and Girls)out of 7 teams. 

 My mom Showing Her Support
 Waiting for the Hand off..

The Hand off...
300 Hurdles
Boys 300 Hurdles... I just thought this was a cool Picture...
Track Friends. Karissa, Kacylia, & Kayla.
Me and Karina 
Mike and I...

Sunday: Chill
My parents went to my Cousin Taylor's "fairwell"
He left Wednesday to the Mexico City Mission. Mike and i feel bad that we didn't go
we had a ton of driving already and wanted to relax. 
But Taylor is going to be an awesome missionary. 
God Speed Elder Ricks!

Monday: Relaxation
My dad had a dr. appoinment up north so i had to get the girls off to school.
I did Karnia's hair just because she asked me.. 
After dropping my sister off to school i went home and slept till 10 :) it was much needed.
We then went over to Mike's parents to fix the car. 
 I watched TV while they fixed it. 
Rock Painting
My dad is the Young Men President in my home ward and my mom is the Mia Maid Adviser
they were having an activity on Wednesday and they need GOLD rocks. 
so since mom and dad had to work and we are old enough to buy spray paint they asked us to help.
BUT.... we couldn't find a decent price for spray paint in price so we had my parents do it..
We painted 45 Rocks and my dad hide them the next day. 
We Played Basketball that night.. It was tonz of fun.
Me, Mike, Kenna, and Karina went to the church and played a full court game of 2 on 2
My mom watched for a min and wondered why i didn't play in high school 
The Reason i would have fouled out in the First Quarter. 
Mike entertained us for a while playing FROG.

Tuesday: nothing...
Mike and i didn't really do anything on Tuesday. just watched the BIGGEST LOSER
I love that show it is so cool. and we are all caught up

During the week:
Mike and i don't have TV in logan so sleeping in my parents Basement was GREAT
we stayed up watching Repo and Forensic Files.

Wednesday: Back to Logan
We headed out early Wednesday Morning but still got behind one Accident and had to be detoured by roy because of a Truck roll over.  but we made the best of it. 
When we got to logan we headed up to work... 
no need to talk about that...
After work we went on a fun bike ride up Canyon Rode. 
Watched a movie and called it a night.

Thursday: Sick
I stayed home sick from work. 
but i still got my Laundry done, Cookies made, and the house somewhat clean. 
Mike went on a bike ride and came home with a hurt ankle. 
Me being the sweet wife that i am went to the store and got him and Ace rap and 
of course i benefited too (i got me some candy)
We Watched 100 Dalmatians and called it a night (mike fell asleep)

Friday: Work...
Here i am at work... no worries i filed 40 documents (don't worry mom)
I have researched Dietetic programs at the school that mike has applied. so we will see...
Oh I decided to Change my major too.. haha 
Homework is almost caught up... 

We are still waiting to hear from the U and UNLV if we will be going to PT school. 
If not we will be in logan another year.

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