Reason for Slacking....

NOTE: this is a serious blog.. no sarcasm or joking unless other wise noted...
Yeah yeah i know i have been slacking, but i have an awesome hubby who keeps the blog update.
I have been swamped with studying for the last two stinkin weeks..
But now SPRING BREAK! is in a few days!!!
I am so excited. I have been needing a break for some time now. 
I'm the kind of person who LOVES to have a clean house but i have to do it myself...
I don't know what it is but there is something about cleaning or house work that makes me feel better..
(maybe its the smells of the cleaners... haha just kidding...)
But... the point is i love to clean. 
(weird i know)
So now that my tests are over for a little while after today! 
Guess what i am going to be doing tonight while...
Mike: is at work, goes home teaching, plays the wii...
(cleaning is relaxing to me...)

Yesterday was our 10 month anniversary..
It's crazy how time flies when your having fun. 
In the last ten months i have grown a ton and i have learned so many things
I'm sure you are all tired of me Bragging about my hubby but he is AMAZING!!!
so you guessed it i'm going to tell ya'll ten reasons why i love Mikey...
(these are not in any particular order... and i tell Mikey i love him every day so i am doing this more for me and mikey the trying to show up everyone else... Elder Bednar's talk from conference)
1) I Love how he always knows what to say when i feel crappy or down on myself.
2) I Love how he helps me in the kitchen even when sometimes I am tell him to get out so i have room to work... 
3) I Love how no matter how mad i get I can never stay mad at him
4) I Love how he lets me pick a movie when we do Red Box movie night.
5) I Love that he is a family guy... He loves our families so much and loves spending time with them
6) I Love his Brain, He come up with the most random things and he is SO smart.
7) I Love that he Loves my cooking, it ways makes me feel good when he goes for seconds.
8) I Love that he can get me to the gym. I love working out with him.
9) I Love all his weird/crazy/random nick names he has for me.
10) I Love that he makes me laugh all day.


dancin' momma said...

How sweet!

Mckenna said...

He makes me laugh all the time to! I love that you love him and put up with him. I love coming up to send the weekend with you guys! See you this weekend!!!