Our Apartment

The longgggggggggggggggggg awaited post. :)
Our Apartment isn’t that big but we like it. i just took general pictures if you want to see detail you just have to come visit us :D
This is looking in from the door.
SANY1735 This is looking from our bed room. as you can tell we don’t have much room in our kitchen. but that is ok. we make it work. also the tile you see in the kitchen is through out the whole apartment…. so we got rugs to make it a little more like home.
SANY1736 This is our bed room. the white thing in the top right hand corner is our window we like to keep it open unless our neighbors start smoking then we close it.
SANY1737 Mikes little office. and i mean little. it’s at the end of our hall, it’s not even a room
SANY1738 Our little bath room.
Our Storage room…. the bowls are in there because of this ……
We got flooded on our first week we were here…
Luckily we got it before it went to far.
It didn’t get our couch thank goodness
It came in this window. ran down the wall
soaked into the boards a little
Soaked our lovely rug…SANY1692
and this is how we dried it… with a few fans also.
But now for a change in subject….mike had a few days off work so we went down to price to see the browns before they took off back to Florida. we went to my sisters softball games and Kenna wanted to join us and hang out with karina after so here are some pictures of that…
Gangsta Kenna….
Kacylia jumping a grounded ball.
Kacylia getting a sweet hit.
Karina taking one for the team… no it’s a really high ball. it really didn’t hit her.
getting ready… i think she got walked every time.
They won this game… 16 to 0 our pitcher is 14 throws 60 mph and had 6 up 6 down…. it was cool. poor other team though went through 3 pitchers and pretty much walked every batter… i know this cause i did the book….
i forgot to mention the day we got flooded my family (minus Courtney and his wife Brandi) came to visit it was fun we went and toured campus while mike was at work. and then went to the zoo on Monday… then Tuesday we went home…but that is about it…. i'm still waiting to get my wedding pictures back but i’ll post as soon as i get them.
Today Mike and i Got a new calling we are the activities committee . we have only been in the ward 2 weeks and we already have a calling they don’t waste anytime up here. i’m still looking for a job. hopefully something come up soon cause i’m going crazy staying at home. i’ve started reading the conference talks which are really good.


The Evans said...

You will have so many memories in your first little apartment together. I know first apartments aren't glamorous- ours sure wasn't, but it's good you put pictures up so you can always look back on them. It's fun to see your apartment - it brings back so many memories of our first little place in Price. :)

Kikal said...

I thought Mike's birthday was june 1st...