loveing Life

We love being married... sorry this post doesn't have any pictures cause we have been slaking. but we have been loving life... :D i'm bored at work so i thought i would list a few reasons why i love being married...

For starters we have been married 2 months now. I'll do a reason for every month we have been together: (these are random, not in any order)

1-March 2008: How we always have fun no matter what we do. Like driving in a car for 11 hours or sitting in church..
2-April 2008: I love having someone with me all the time.
3-May 2008: I love having someone to talk to late at night. Laying in bed talking about life and how things are going to go... when we are going to have kids, where we want to go to school, that sorda stuff.
4-June 2008: I love making him dinner and having him come home... i guess playing house.
5-July 2008: I love how we get along.
6-August 2008: I love how we make the same decision with out even talking to each other. this will be good for parenting.
7-September 2008: I love how we are both so excited about our future.
8-November 2008: I love Popcorn and Smoothie night.
9-December 2008: I love shopping with mike cause he helps me not buy things i don't need.
10-January 2009: I love waking up to my best friend every morning.
11-February 2009: I love softball on wednesday and getting drinks after. and buying two drinks for $1.03 in change
12-March 2009: I love never having to be away from each other for more then a few hours... except for this weekend... mike has to work and i'm going to a wedding it will be our first 3 days away from each other..
13-April 2009:I love laughing about all our silly moments.
14-May 2009: I love reminiscing about all our cute moments.
15-June 2009: i love being able to say "my husband." and calling him honey, sweetheart, and sometimes babe.

I love you mikey.

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Kikal said...

You guys are just so disgustingly in love...keep it up :)