Congrats Hailey!! and Wedding pictures.

Last Thursday I went to my Cousin Hailey’s wedding.  It was wonderful but i really missed mike being with me. Mike had to work so he wasn’t able to come with me. The Ceremony was a nice reminder of why we marry in the temple and how important that one step is in our lives.  The reception was really nice and i wanted it to be my wedding again. That day is unreal. Its so weird that you remember how you felt and not what was said or how everything went. I wouldn’t change anything about our wedding day because it was perfect for us :D I think it’s crazy how each wedding matches each couple perfectly.
Here are some of  our wedding pictures. i finally got them back :D
_MG_0620 Our First Kiss out side of the  Temple.
The Happy Couple :D
_MG_0635 The Wedding Party out side of the temple.
Walking to get Pictures.
_MG_0655 Waiting for pictures.
Waiting for pictures.
_MG_0674 8x10
All our  support :D minus a few
_MG_0681 8x12 BW
_MG_0690 8x12
_MG_0698 8x12 2
_MG_0722 8x12
_MG_0744 8x12
_MG_0766 8x12
_MG_0788 8x12 His one Groom-al :D

_MG_0829 8x12The story behind this is pretty funny. When we were waiting to  take pictures there was this lady who  took forever to take pictures. We called her  the Tripod lady. well we caught up with here on the other side of the temple and she took forever once again. So our photographer said “ do you want to get her back?” mike and i looked at each other like “should we?” so we said yeah. and he said to take  off running behind the pictures. and low and behold we have this picture.
_MG_0835 8x12
_MG_0858 4x6
_MG_0854 4x6
_MG_0864 8x12
Mikes family (minus 3) Left to right…. Emma, Russell, Scott, Amie, Theresa, Kenna, Mike, Me, Kelly, Franky, Crystal, Daisy, Kyla, Bella, JT, and JJ
_MG_0868 4x6 mikes Brothers and Sisters.
_MG_0871 4x6
Mikes Parents
_MG_0869 4x6 Mikes Brothers
_MG_0879 4x6
Our Nieces and Nephews
_MG_0874 4x6
Mikes Sisters
_MG_0911 4x6 My Family from Left to Right: Courtney, Brandi (my brothers wife) Karina, Mike, Me, Kacylia, Cindy, and Karl.
_MG_0894 4x6  My Sisters
_MG_0899 4x6My Parents.
_MG_0897 4x6 My Brother.
_MG_0920 4x6
Our Parents.
 _MG_0916 4x6The Girls: Kyla, Amie, Crystal, Kenna, Me, Karina, Kacylia, and Brandi
_MG_0924 4x6 _MG_0922  4x6Our Yummy Cake.
_MG_0935 4x6
My Sister at the book.
 _MG_0932 4x6
Franky…”Get emm…”
_MG_0965 4x6
My Cousins looking at my Ring…
_MG_0936 4x6
Our Refreshment table.
_MG_1080 4x6
My Cousin Macie
_MG_1048 4x6My Cousin Tyson and his dad… Mike says it looks like Tyson threw up on him.
_MG_1097 4x6
My Mom and Dad… i love this picture of them.
_MG_1084 4x6 Bella and aunt Corrin
_MG_1116 4x6
The Quilt and picture table.
 _MG_1099 4x6
Mikes Parents.
_MG_1124 4x6
Cutting the cake.
_MG_1126 4x6Mike Giving me the look of you better be nice.  
_MG_1127 4x6
I was really nice
_MG_1128 4x6  And i got the Big piece…
_MG_1147 4x6 _MG_1132 4x6
Our First Dance together as Husband and Wife.
_MG_1163 4x6
My Grandpa and I…
_MG_1149 4x6 Throwing my Bouquet. I love this picture cause look at Daisy and then my cousin in the back… it’s the best.
_MG_1180 4x6
Getting something to eat after the party.
_MG_1190 4x6  Taking off :D
hands and rings
Our Awesome Rings… mike played with this picture it think it’s awesome.
As you can tell i got really bored. Mike had to work and i was home alone so i thought i would get this going ;D


Kikal said...

You guys are so cute. Who made that awesome dessert table at your wedding?!?! That looks great!

Chelsey said...

Your pictures look great! and your wedding looks beautiful. I have yet to get my pictures back and I was married a month before you! gahh. Hope life in Logan is great =)

RandiLeonard said...

Love the pics!