This weekend i Graduated from CEU with my Associates in Science. I'm good to go to USU with Mikey! After Graduation we went to Balance Rock Cafe for Lunch, and to an Antique store. After the Lunch I had my Bridal Shower, it was so much fun and i got alot of important things.... With all that out of the way my focus is now on the WEDDING!!! Saturday is coming fast and i'm so excited. After the Long Long wait it's crazy to think that it is finally here... i'll post when i can and it might be a while, so to keep you entertained till then here are some picture.

Me and Soap After Graduation

My mom Me Soap and my Dad

Me and Mike after Graduation

Me Karina and Soap... Kacylia had a track meet...

Me Karina and Mike Wearing some awesome Hats


Trent, Natalie and Jantz said...

You have had some CRAZY busy weeks recently. I hope all is well with the wedding stuff. Remember to enjoy your day it will be gone before you know it. Can't wait to see the BEAUTIFUL bride! =D

T-Fam said...

Time to update!!!!!! Ha Ha