these next few posts are going to be a little out of order. I’m waiting to get some pictures back from our wedding so our honeymoon will have to go first. ( of course we didn’t go on our honeymoon and then get married)
We took a road trip to SUNNY California. It was so much fun and we loved almost every minute of it. The driving was that much fun but we entertained our selves by singing or trying to sing every song that came on and by yelling at stupid drivers. but here is a kind of day by day recap.
Saturday May 9th: We stayed in Price, we were to tired to go any where far so we stayed at the Holiday Inn.
Sunday May 10th: We went to church to and then got things pulled together to take off. We opened most of our presents. and hung around to eat some super yummy Pork Burritos that Crystal made. (ps i need that recipe) After eating we made our way to St. George. Surprisingly the drive wasn’t that bad. We Got to St. George around 7 and checked into the coolest Hotel room ever. We stayed at the Abby Inn. We had a hot tub, a flat screen tv, a fire place (why you would need one in St. George i have no idea).
St. George Temple
just coolin off in the shade
Mike was pretty excited about this picture.
Monday May 11th: We were on our way at like 11 we stopped to see the temple. it was so pretty! we were going to go but we figured since it was monday they wouldn’t be open. we thought wrong but we just took a few pictures. Mike was pretty excited about the picture he took of my ring. he hasn’t been able to get the camera to focus on my ring. but no he “gots it.” we did a little shopping. Mike got a really nice Polo and a new white shirt that he has been needing for a while. I got me a Cute green sweater (i know a sweater at the beggning of summer… it was $10 and mike said i could get it) after shopping we made our way to Las Vegas for the Phantom of the Opera! it was awesome we were right under the chandelier so it almost fell on us. we walked to strip for a little while. ( we do not like the Strip… to much smoke and drunk people for our taste) we stayed in the Stratosphere Hotel and didn’t like it very much either..( it’s a ghetto Casino.)
“this is us in Nevada.”
The Venetian
a $10 burger (No Joke)
Our Reaction to the $10 Burger
But the Lemonade was really good.
This was cool but not worth the walk through the smoke
A Taste of Asia
Tuesday May 12th: we got out of Vegas as soon as we could. which i think ended up being 11.. we drove to Tustin CA to get set up at his sister Kyla’s house (they were in Utah for our wedding so while they were away they let us stay Thanks again Kyla) we just went to the beach that day so we could relax. it was really pretty and got some awesome pictures. I got to try the Amazing Sprinkle Cupcakes (the Black and White on is worth $3) we went Hot Tubing after that was nice. (cleaned off all the sand and salt.)
Inspiration point at Costa Del Mar
It was so Cold.
and the waves were Huge
I’ve always wanted to write that in the sand.
The Tide Pools at Costa Del Mar.
I like how when i take a picture it’s looking up and when he takes a picture it’s looking down.
This was an Awesome Flower that we saw!
just chillin at the beach.
Mikes Model Pose.
this was a cool spot. we had fun taking pictures here.
Just the two of us.
GERBER DAISIES!! i loved these.
Wednesday May 13th: We went shopping at Marshalls for some California prices. Mike got 2 pairs of Shorts and some jeans i got 2 shirts and a RACHAEL RAY CAST IRON POT! i was so excited i even bargained with mike so i could get it.. it was only $30. i gave a cute jacket (the jacket was to big). we then made our way to DISNEYLAND!!! we loved just having the two of us. no waiting for a big group we could just go where we wanted and eat when we needed to. i got soaked on Splash Mountain, but it was a good sunny day so i really didn’t care. we went on the Nemo ride it was awesome till the wall moved in front of our face it kind of made us sick. We went back to Kyla’s house and went hot tubing again then watched a movie. we were so tired neither one of us finished the movie.
On our way to DISNEYLAND.
The Famous Mickey Mouse picture spot.
And Mickey himself.
Me after Splash Mountain.
Waiting for Honey, I shrunk the Audience.
The Castle picture.
Thursday May 14th: We were supposed to go do a session at the Newport Beach Temple but we were late so we did Initiatory. It was really cool and all the ladies were so cute. the Temple was gorgeous like always and so were the flowers. after the temple we went to CALIFORINA ADVENTURE!! it was really cool. we went to the Aladdin Show, i love Aladdin so that was a must. I got mike to go on the Tower of Terror with me. but i think we both felt the effects of it because we had to go find some were to sit down. we made our way to the Animation place. it was really cool. we then went to Grizzly Rapids were once again i got soaked, but it was hotter so it was still nice. we went on a few more rides then called it quits. Kyla, JJ and the kids were home by this time so they took us out to Dinner at Claim Jumpers. It was so good. (thanks again) we then went hot tubing again and slept super good that night once again.
The Newport Beach Temple.
We had fun with with the Fountains .
On the Ferris Wheel over looking the Pier
This could be on a post card. mike took this :D
Waiting for Aladdin
We had awesome seats and i sang like every song. the Asians next to us must have thought i was a weird-o.
Oh so cute.
It’s a bugs life.
Friday May 15th: We started to pack things up. Kyla JJ and the kids came to say good-bye. We left around 12:30 California time and got to Price at 11:45 Utah time. not bad. We only stopped for gas and bathrooms. We were so tired by the time we hit emery, it took forever to get through emery….uhh.
Saturday May 16th: Moving day… we were up at 8 packing up again and heading out. we had 3 car loads of our stuff it was crazy. but this is for another post…


Luke and Mary said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time! I'm so happy for you guys. I wish I could have made it to your reception.. but hey, how that you will live in Logan we'll have to get together!

Trent, Natalie and Jantz said...

What a fun little get-a-way. It sounds like tons of fun. Isn't it so GREAT to just have the two of you and not have to wait on everyone else. Glad you had fun. =D

Mormishmom @ Funky PolkaDot Giraffe said...

You took so many great pictures! We're so glad we got to see you. We love you guys!

Kikal said...

Loved seeing all of the pictures, looks like you guys had a great time! Come down soon!

Joey & Lara said...

Aww Larissa, sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to see wedding pictures!! I bet you love being married!! Keep in touch! And good luck with the things that lay ahead of you!! :)

Janeal and Brett said...

It looks like you had a great time! Congrats on being married! I can't wait to see those pics.

DAVIS said...

Yay!!! You guys are back! It looks like your honeymoon was a blast!!! :-) I can't wait to see how pretty you looked at your wedding!!! :-)