Lamb Day

Lamb Day is one of the Funnest home town events ever. it may sound weird but they eat a lot of Lamb have a softball tournament a dance and lots of fun stuff at the park. We have a parade and this year we had the family and the Tractors in it. Lamb day is so much fun. this year was pretty eventful at Lamb day but only a few choose people get to hear about them. Here are some pics to show how much fun I had. My Sister and i on top. Heading over to Grandmas.

<--Before After-->
I don't know how much i cut off but i cute a lot. and it feels weird with out it.
Manda and I getting ready for the parade.
The older Girl Cousins.

The Ivory cousins.A real John Deer. my grandpa has about 13 of these things. and we took 8 in the parade.

The Final Entry

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