It's a ....

Well if you haven't already heard,

 We are really excited for her to join us at the end of November. She still doesn't have a first name, but we are going with Toyoko for her middle name, after my late Grandma. We have a few names picked out but haven't been able to agree on one. Titus is getting use to the idea of having a little sister. If you ask him where his sister is he will point to me or my tummy. The Little Girl is moving like crazy and right on track with her growing. I've got quite a few projects i want to do for her (once i found out we were having a girl i went Pinterest crazy.) I have a few projects to finish up for Titus before i start on the other stuff.

Well Titus is also growing up. He is so smart and catches on to things really quick. he is now 18 Months old, kind of crazy. He loves Nursery and we just changed his crib into a big boy bed. The first night was rough be we will see how the transition goes. At his 18 month doctors Appointment Titus was just shy of 20 lbs. & is now 32 inches tall if i remember right. He also had a few pesky shots. I HATE Shots.  It never fails he always gets them just before we go on a trip and then he gets sick. A few new words of his are...
* Spirit *Shirt * Cheek * Eye * Shoot * Ba (simba) *Woody. Titus loves to go swimming & is such a fish, if there is water he will find it. He is also really into the Olympics right now.

Mike is just hanging out 'til school starts. He is a stay at home dad in the morning while I'm at work. He has been trying to work out but i have been keeping us to busy for him to hit the gym. He is also working his doctoral project and looking for a work study job. He got an Internship in Price at Pro-Rehab that we are pretty excited and will be living in price once again in about February/March-ish

As for me..I've just been trying to keep us busy till school starts. we have been swimming, to Idaho & had McKenna come stay with us. I've been pretty anal about keeping my house clean and organized till this baby comes. I'm already dejunking for our move in February/March. I will be watching a little boy again this semester in the morning, Titus loves having a buddy to play with besides mom. I'm getting bigger faster with this little girl, Titus stretched me out a little more then i thought (not to brag but i didn't get a single stretch mark when i was pregnant with Titus.)

Well for the 4th of July we didn't do much, so for the 24th of July we went down to Fairview for their 1 hr. long parade and the awesome Derby.

 My Sister Karina and I at the Parade. 

Mike & I at the Parade

 Titus Playing with a ball Blanket.
 He had so much fun with the Blanket.

 We would ask him where a basketball/football/volleyball/soccer ball was and he would point it out.

 The Start of the Parade

 I love that little Finger

 Getting some candy
 My Uncle Eric & I
  at the Derby (my mom and dad watched Titus)

This is how Fairview does a derby!


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