December 2009

This Christmas was Awesome! It was our first Christmas together as a married couple.
We ave had so much fun being in price and hanging out with the families. We have stayed up late playing games with our family. i stayed up late talking to my Awesome SIL's. i guess this year was our initiation into each others families. Here are a few Pictures of our awesome Christmas.. I don't have any pictures of Christmas eve or day... so i'll "borrow" some from my SIL's Blogs.
OH!! we also had an Ivory Christmas party... 

Me going down the hill at the Family Christmas Party
Courtney Going down...
Karina Chillin at the Bottom of the Hill
My Cousin Caleb Taking an awesome Tumble
Me trying to break the record.
Sitting around watching the Sledding movie
Mike sitting on Santa's Lap.
Me on Santa's Lap.
All the Grand Kids... well most of them (those who could be there)
Franky loves his uncle Mikey. He was so content just watching football and chillin with Mikey
Mike getting Franky ready for a Nap. He told mike so many "stories"
Daisy and mike Sledding
Me and Daisy going for a ride.
Mike testin' it out..
This is Franky after eating a cookie. We have a picture of  Daisy that looks like this but i can't find it...
Playing games on christmas eve at the Ivory's
At the Ivory's
Me and Mike
Just before opening presents
Me and My sisters (Kacylia and Karina..)

Christmas eve: we went to Mikes parents house for their Christmas eve Program it was awesome. We also got to open one present. It was awesome to see all the Grandkids get so excited about it. After the Program we headed over to my parents house to play games and hang out. We taught my dad how to play Scum... bad idea he was kicking all our buts... it was fun though
Christmas Day: We spent the morning at the Terry's to see all the grandkids open their presents from Santa. We received some pretty awesome things. I have the Best husband ever. He surprised me with so many things... He really listens to what my needs and wants are and he doesn't hold back.Anywas after an awesome morning at the Terry's we Went to the Ivory's for some games and to open presents from our parents and siblings. After we went back to the Terry's for family dinner and games... then back over to the Ivory's for some more games...


dancin' momma said...

We've had so much fun being with you guys! And I enjoyed the late night chats..even though it was WAY past my bedtime! :)

Trent, Natalie and Jantz said...

I am SO glad you had such a nice first christmas! :D