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Man I'm a slacker. I really need to blog more often but with last week being finals week i just haven't had time to sit down and blog. so here is a quick recap from thanks giving up till our tree. We will just do a picture update and explain each picture.. some of these pictures i stole from my SIL because i leave my camera at home every time.
Start off news about PT school. Mike had a secondary application to Loma Linda in California and he has an INTERVIEW for Creighton which is in Omaha Nebraska. So that is our PT school good news.
so time for Pictures...

We went to Thanksgiving with Mikes family this year. We ventured an hour and a half or so north to Pocatello where his grandma and grandpa Meyer live.
The weekend after Thanksgiving we went Christmas tree hunting. This is our first Christmas tree and it's as tall as me because our apartment is so little.
This is Mike working on our tree. It is so little that he could carry it over his head with one arm I didn't get a picture of it but my MIL did. it was so funny. i'll have to get it from her.
This is the finished product. Mike liked the Blue and White idea. I added some Silver ribbon and now we have white snowflakes to add to it. :)
Oh we don't have a star on the top because i couldn't find one that i liked so i put a bow on top :)
Lately i have been Baking so much. I love to cook and mike loves eating what i cook and every so often he will help me out in the kitchen. This i one of our many loaves of BANANA BREAD. thanks mom.
I was pretty proud of this... This is my Bread Dough that i have made many times thanks to my MIL. i think our next project will be to make Pizza out of the dough. Oh i few lessions i have learned with this. DO NOT leave the dough on the stove when the oven is pre-heating (475 is way to hot for dough)
our Bread and Rolls... my rolls still need a little work.
AMAZING crock-pot Chicken Noodle soup. i'll have to post this recipe sometime.. i hardly ever follow directions on food because many of the steps are unnecessary. so i do my own thing....and learn from it...  when making crock pot Chicken Noodle soup put the chicken in whole and after it is cooked cut it up. :)
JELLY ROLL!!!! I love jelly roll and was craving one big time and mike has never had one before so for our Ward Christmas party i made one. well i made 3 one for a tester and two for the party. Well one jelly roll made 24 so we had an extra roll. so that will be mikes snake while i am in price.
This is our awesome Nativity that my MIL gave me/us last Christmas. I was so excited to put it up.. i think it was up before Thanksgiving. We made a little shelf for it on our TV so i can look at it all the time... haha (this picture should be up with all the Christmas tree stuff but i forgot about it...)
TEMPLE SQUARE. Mike took these next two pictures with his new phone. We went to Temple square twice this year. With Mikes parents and sister, then for a break from finals and to watch my sister sing. we went to the top of the JS building (i had never been up there) it was awesome.
This Christmas Tree is awesome. it's at the Gateway mall and it changes colors...

Well for some good news... No we aren't Pregnant but....
Today one year ago Mike and i got engaged.
After Nine months of dating and putting up with me,
Mike decided to ask me to be his wife.
I don't know if he had it all planned out or what but it was my dream
proposal (i don't even know if i told him that either)
We went to Logan for a Voice Male Concert after which we went to
Firehouse pizza and had lunch/dinner
We made our way down to Salt Lake for a carriage ride and to look at the lights
After our Carriage ride Mike and i went on a walk around temple square Just the two of us.
we walked around till mike found the spot that he wanted.
In his coat he has these two pockets that are big enough for my arms to fit in and
they go all the way around.
I was so cold and he told me to put my arms in the pockets.
When i reached in there was a box.
I took it out and there was this shiny thing in there. A really Pretty Shiny thing.
When i looked up from the box Mike was down on one knee and took the box from my hands.
He asked me to marry him and i said yes (of course).
I must have been in shock because i still had my gloves on and he told me to take it off.
This is us before he Proposed.
This is my ring... with out the band...

So this is to my amazing Hubby. (who is in logan while i'm in price.)
Thanks for being so amazing and supportive.
your the love of my life and i wold be lost with out you.
Thanks for being you and for being my Best Friend and for Putting up with me.
I love you!


Trent, Natalie and Jantz said...

Sounds like you have been keeping busy. I am glad finals over with so you can have a break. And, I can't believe it has already been a year. Time sure flies by. MERRY CHRISTMAS! =D

dancin' momma said...

Love your tree and decorations!! The bread looks delicious, and we can't wait to see you guys next week!