Sorry for Missing in Action. I really haven't had the time or desire to blog.
so just a quick update on all three (four: still kind of weird) of us.
TITUS: He is such a Big ball of Energy! i love it but sometimes i need a break (thank goodness for 3 hour nap times) Titus loves being outside and LOVES playing in the water, if there is water outside Titus will find it. He talks so much it's awesome. he can say Grape (goop), Strawberry, Mama (Finally!), Dada, Grandpa (pabpa), out, down, up, ball, book, Tigger (mainly the laugh) Juice, Cracker, Chocolate, Banana (nana), Snack, Please, thank you, No, Don't, Stop it & sorry . He Knows the sounds of Animals and can mimic almost any noise mike makes. He can almost say all of his cousins names (Kambri is Bambi and he just shakes his head no when you ask him to say franky) His new favorite word is No (and any form of the word) but he doesn't always mean it. He also likes to say Mine. He LOVES to watch "Tigger", Super Why or any sports event (he will sit and watch Diving) He gives the best hugs and kisses & has the biggest heart. I'm sure i could go on and on about this little dude but i think this is enough for now.
MIKE: Only has 2 more weeks of his summer Internship! we are so excited. I likes the clinic he is at right now and always comes home with stories. He has one more "Class" semester and then 1 Intern semester. Our final Internship is going to be in Price so we will move home in March. (9months left in the Village) kind of bitter sweet. He is getting ready to hike Timp. this summer with his brother and dad (3rd times a charm) he is down to 240 lb. i couldn't be more proud of him for keeping it off (he doesn't have much time to work out) He is doing an AWESOME job at balancing all the things on his plate.
LARISSA (&Baby): I am trying to keep up with the boys. this pregnancy has been more tiring then the first, mainly because i chase after Tito man all day. But some how i have found time to keep the house some what clean, keep food on the table, & still have energy at night to talk & hang out with mike at night. i haven't been real sick, but now that i'm in my Second Trimester (YEAH!) the headaches and Heart burn are kicking in. I think one of the reasons for my  Heartburn is that i eat ALL DAY! i'm trying to cut back but i (this baby) LOVE food.We find out on July 9th what we are having!

Now for what you have all been waiting for PICTURES!
 Enjoying his VERY BLUE sucker.
Mike went for a hike by our house.(i put titus down for a nap)
The View from the Hike.
Titus Playing in the water with Kenna
We LOVE summer time & water. 
He was pretty excited about being the Tub.
Playing in the Sprinkler at Grandma & Grandpa Ivory's House.
Playing in the Water with Grandma Ivory
 Playing in the water at the Wave Pool
I actually enjoyed the waves. 
 Enjoying a Juice Box while watching TV.
Helping mom Pack.
Playing on the Playground

He liked the hat i found in one of his boxes of Clothes. 
He was pretty proud of himself.
 Sleeping in the car! i love this kid.
Giving his eyes a massage.
 Enjoying some Cookies & Milk
Just Smiling. 
 Showing off his Shades.
 At the Zoo with one of his many buddies.
 Practicing being a big brother.
 Getting ready to Play in the Water with his Friends.
He Signs "Eat" when he is hungry. & he always has a smile on his face.
Chillin in the Shade with mom.
It was so cute he came and laid on the blanket so i laid down my him. He started pointing things out to me. it was a sweet moment (i didn't want to forget the reason why took this picture)
Hanging out with Titus' Buddies.
Here is Proof that Mike & I are still here.
 Announcing baby #2 (as of today i am 18 weeks & 2 days along)
Such a STUD!
 I think Titus is Cheesing really big.
I LOVE his eyes

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Amanda and Chase England said...

I am so sorry for the heartburn. I really hate when that happens. I used to have to keep tums in my purse at all times just for that. I feel for you!