Larissa's Baby Project List....

Come September 10th we will know if we are having a boy or a girl, So all my fun projects that i have planned will begin.. here are a few of my ideas...

A Puff Baby Quilt.

A Crib Bumper Pad

A Puff Pillow
(I'm also planning on making this  into a  seat cushion for our rocking chair.)

Cute Little Onesies.

Binky Clips 

Burp Cloths 
( Made with Cloth Diapers)
A Hooded Bath Towel.

Receiving Blankets 
(Tons of these)
January/ February will be cold for the little one so..
how about a few Beanies.

Now that i have enlightened you on my many upcoming projects 
what do you think my Color scheme needs to be....

Blues, Greens & Browns for a boy
Pinks, Purples & Creams/Browns for a girl

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Trent, Natalie and Jantz said...

Make your receiving blankets BIG! I got tons for my shower but they only worked for the first couple months. Jantz only has one blanket that is big enough to keep him wrapped now! Can't wait to find out what Baby Terry is! All your projects look super fun. You are so crafty!!!