January 2010.... Busy busy busy...

Well school is crazy. but that is ok it is our last semester here and who knows where we will be. We had a Great break and didn't want it to end. Our first week of this year was kind of a "get back in the swing of things week". I went back to work and mike kept working. we had tonz of date nights and enjoyed each others company. We hung out with Scott and Amie a few times and went to my first USU basketball game. Talk about crazy fans. next time we go we are going to sit closer so that we can actually see the court and not students standing.
Mike: has had an interview at Loma Linda (in California), and has two more in the next couple of weeks (UNLV and UofU). So hopefully everything comes back quick so we know where we are going. I personally would like to go to the U but anywhere will be good for us. Mike has been working really hard in school and at work  of course. He studies hard and he is always amazing me. He is so smart and still has time to be with me and do things i want to do.
Me: I have been studying hard. My classes are pretty cool. My two favorite are Human Development and Human Nutrition. In human Development we learn about (betch' can't guess) Human development and it is so cool. and in Human Nutrition we learn about (da ta da da...) Human Nutrition it is really interesting and i love it. I have been cooking away. i love cooking. the other day we had Cinnamon rolls and whole cow were the good. We got the World Ward Cook book for Christmas and have been cooking out of it every week. the only thing we haven't liked yet is the lemon chicken ( it was a little to lemony.)
Well i don't want to bore you with our crazy lives so here are a few pictures (family pictures).

The Ivory Family. i love how mike is the Tallest and i'm ALMOST the shortest.
My sister's love this... my dad not so much.
Courtney and Brandi & Jordi

My Cute little Sisters.

Mike played with this one.. (see amazing)
They've got our backs... haha...
All the Kid-o's
Playing on the swings.

Mike played with this one too... Too bad i'm not looking at the Camera.
Mom and dad
.......After --->

Our awesome Sledding Road in Fairview.. and yes it is a fair-view
My aunt Linda, my mom, and my aunt Maria.
mike and i trying not to die...for real this road is like ice and you just cruise. In fact, we put snow down so we could go across the main road and down the other side of the road.
After sledding we hung out at my aunts for JAPANESE food.. the best...
my cousin's Nia, Kelley and Kelley's FIANCE... yes folks. i have 3 cousins on my mom's side getting married and 1 on my dads side... CRAZY
Some of us took a nap... this is my sister. she is guarding her camera so no will take a picture... haha she didn't guard mine.
Courtney and Brandi Trying to sleep...

This is my mom's side of the family minus a few. yes we all have Dark hair and look like alike... we know.

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