my christmas WISH list

I know i'm not going to get all or any of these for Christmas so i guess should just be called my WISH list. I'll put them Most likely to least likely.

#1: I love this Purse! so it's not really the purse its the pattern for the purse. it is so cute and i have been wanting on like it for a while. you could use it for anything regular purse, church bag, any other kind of bag. plus i want to see if i can make it. I'm not the most creative type but sewing.... i think i can pick it up...
#2: Not necessarily this Scripture bag. But i want a small one to carry my scriptures in if i have to make it I'm ok with that.  I just don't like carrying around my big bag if all  i really need is a small notepad and my mini scriptures and manual. i don't need all the space so why carry it.

#3 These super comfy slippers. Oh how i love slippers mine are getting worn out because mike will wear them to run to the car every so often. (they are easier to slip on then his because they don't have a back) but i love Slippers if i could i would wear them everywhere (or till my feet got super warm.)

#4: I would like to find a really cute apron to make or to buy. For some reason i'm in a sewing mood. I need an apron because no matter what i'm cooking or whatever i'm doing in the kitchen gets all over me. So an apron would be nice. And if i could make/get mike one too that would be good.
#5 This Coat is super cute and classy... man i sound like i'm trying to sale this stuff but i love this jacket. it looks warm at least but i need something dressy for church and other activities/dates. and my blue Snowboarding coat just isn't cutting it anymore...

#6 I have tonz of cook books but they are for Crock pot or really weird so the Worldwide Ward Cookbook sounds like an awesome one to have. plus i love to cook...
#7 Willow Tree Angles are my favorite i only have 2 but i also have the nativity that my in-laws gave me last Christmas so i'm starting my collection. I really like this one just cause it reminds me of me and mike.
#8 My Dr. Martens have no more tread on them so i think it is time to start looking for a new pair. I have had these since high school so about 3 years which is awesome but i need some new ones.
#9 So to make all my wonderful bags and aprons i need a sewing machine. i'm not sure which one is the best but that is why i have my MIL and Mom to help me out.
#10 and for all my cooking i need a kitchenaid... not right away but i would really like one.

If anyone has any ideas on what to get my husband... Computer stuff, sports stuff... that would be great  :)

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