Pumpkins, Cookies, Football, and RED TOWELS ?...

So this week has been pretty exciting.. Mike has finished is PT applications :D so we should be hearing back soon. Well on to our week, Monday night we had Scott and Amie come over and carve PUMPKINS!! it was super fun. After pumpkins we made COOKIES. and they were so good. mike and i love to bake so that is what we do when we get board sometimes. like tonight we are attempting to make bread :D

Me cleaning out our 25 lb pumpkin. yes i need a step stool because our table is so high.

Mike finishing off my job... notice he doesn't need the stool. that is why he loves our table.

The artist at work.

Adding the awesome name.

The finished product. Ours is on the left Scott and Amie's is on the right..
Showing off the pumpkins.

All lite up:D he's getting kind of old now that is why his head is going weird.
This is the pumpkin we carved with my cousins kelley, Jade, and Alex.

Our awesome cookies
you had so many and they were so good... :D
oh and we got in a flour fight.... this is mike...

this is me... mike had enough of me throwing little things of flour at him so he took like a HANDFUL and wiped it in my face... it's all good... i still love him.

This weekend we stayed in Logan so we could "Study" but for real we did study and go to a football game and hang out with my cousins but we did study when we were somewhere else.
The AGGIES WON!!! now they are 2-more then 2. the score was 23-21.

Us at the game...
So today we found out that our kitchen rug really should be washed by itself. the Towel mike is holding is the towel we "died" red and the one on his lap is what it should look like. but it's all good we needed a variety in our towel collection.

Mike holding our awesome new/old towel

Mike and i are doing great. i just changed my major to Health Education with a minor in coaching/pe. we are both working hard in school and at work (sometimes) and are really excited for our next break. Next weekend we are going to STATE VOLLEYBALL to watch my sister play :D and then we are going to my grandpa ivory's 70th birthday party :D (just a preview to our next blog). hope everyone is doin great :D

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Kikal said...

You guys are too cute, glad to see you're having fun. And hopefully you meant a FLOUR fight, because well...this is a family blog.