Change is in the Air!

This Semester has been kind of crazy. With both of us working, going to school, studying and spending time with each other when we can ... well change # one (well mainly the only change but a big one at that) is MIKE GOT A NEW JOB. During the summer and the first part of this semester Mike has been working at Smiths marketplace. It wasn't to bad but it was a job and he really didn't like it. He had to work on sunday's and nights which i hated and so did he. well his new job is a lot better. He now works on campus at a Chemistry Lab with Scott ( his brother). so the great points about this job are.... Not in any order..
1. weekends off
2. better pay
3. he is off so he can "study" aka hang out with me more
4. better work environment
5. its on campus so we don't need to use the car as much
6. I don't have to stay up waiting for him to come home...
7. Did i mention more time with me..
8. he will work when i work so we really aren't alone.

PT schools here we come.. mike has stared the application process to PT Schools (physical Therapy) so far we have thought about UTAH, Colorado, UNLV, Western Washington, and Chicago. He takes the GRE tomorrow so keep him in your prayers.

Another change is it is starting to get COLD. is it weird that i'm excited for it to get cold. it's not that great when i have to wake up early in the morning and catch the bus but after it's not bad. Plus i get to start wearing my sweaters and i have tons. I'm so excited.

I think that is about all the changes we have... so life is going great for us and we are super excited for all the changes that will come our way in the next few months. Sorry there are no pictures. I should have some from this up coming weekend so we will see i'm going to try and do better at the picture taking.


Kikal said...

You forgot Florida. ALSO, good luck in the GRE Michael!! We'll be praying for you!

Kikal said...

Also, congrats on the new job! Whe Steve and I both worked on campus that made things so much easier.

flyingeese said...

Good luck on your test! Congrats on the new job. Your are awesome.