ok Keek this is for you:D

August has been busy hence no post for a while. i can't even remember half the stuff we did. I do remember my birthday though. so i'll start from there. My birthday was on the 12th and mikes cousin came home the same day so we went to the SL Airport to welcome him home. after that we went to TUCANOS!!! the best place to eat at the Gateway mall we were stuffed. To work it off we went SHOPPING! i loved it. Mike liked it too cause he got 2 shirts. that weekend Mikes parents came up for the weekend. we went Biking with Scott and Amie and had tonz of fun. poor mike had to work most of the time but was able to hang out with us at night and for meals. That Sunday Jessie (mikes RM cousin) spoke in church so we went and listened to him. the weekend of the 21st -23rd we went home to price to hang out with our families before school started. The start of that adventure we went to FG to hung out with my grandparents and showed mike the coolness of FG. we hung out with my aunt and her girls too. they are so crazy. Paige who is almost 8 was playing with us and said " Rissa is my cousin, He (pointing to mike) is my Uncle..." Bean Mike and I all started laughing and Paige wigged out like normal. We stayed the night in Manti so we could go to the temple with Admara. it was such and awesome experience that Manti temple is by far my favorite temple. that night we meet up with my parents and the girls and went fishing... well my sisters and dad fished, mom me and mike untangled their lines. The next day was the Temple Dedication. That was pretty cool they canceled Church so that everyone could go... that is how important temples are. Then on Monday the 24th it was BACK to school for mike and i. YAY! i was so excited till... i found out that my dynamic fitness lab person was crazy. but that is a different story. I have 7 classes (dynamic fitness, physiology, Mental Aspects, Methods of Coaching, Skills 2, Skills 3, and Rhythms and Movement) Hope fully i lose some weight with all these pe classes. Mike only has 4 classes (Physics, Micro, Medical terminology, and kinesiology) ... Ive been working at the Book store for rush week so it has been crazy. mike has been working at smiths and has started at the Sleep lab so he gets pretty tired. so that is August for ya.. sorry there are no pictures i'm up on campus and don't have my computer with me ... i'm in the lab... but i'll try and get some up soon so my Awesome SIL doesnt go crazy. :D

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